• Negativland

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

Decades before Death Grips ditched their own shows and Lady Gaga parodied her own celebrity, Bay Area collective Negativland invented the pop prank art form, basing an album on the frenzied media hoax that surrounded their song “Christianity is Stupid,” and then deliberately infringing copyright on their sarcastic record U2 to prompt a lawsuit with Island Records just to make an argument about fair use and sampling. Who knows what they’ve been up to lately, which is a great reason to see them headline tonight at the Empty Bottle.

Inspired by the 1935 Federal Theatre Project that employed around 8,000 theater professionals as part of the Second New Deal, Jackalope Theatre Company’s Living Newspapers Festival puts on six plays by young writers, all based on recent newspaper headlines. Catch all six tonight at Frontier.

Spending an entire day cruising around town and eating at various restaurants seems sort of gluttonous, unless, of course, you’re on a bike burning calories. The Four Star Bike and Chow lays out four routes that take riders past three of four local spots where they pick up snacks like samosas from Arya Bhavan and pierogi from Red Apple Buffet. They range in length from 12 miles (for families and beginners) to 62 miles.

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