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Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Street-style maven Isa Giallorenzo photographs ordinary people with extraordinary taste for her blog Chicago Looks and for the regular Reader‘s Street View. Ever think your look was photo-worthy? Well, she’s working the photo booth at the Street Style Summit, a fashion-centric event cohosted by Giallorenzo and Sasha Hodges, co-owner of Wicker Park vintage boutique Kokorokoko. Check it out at Beauty Bar.

The 2014 Oscar nominees are scheduled to be announced this afternoon. Celebrate and scoff along with some of Chicago’s most distinguished moviegoers, including Alison Cuddy (WBEZ), Steve Prokopy (Ain’t It Cool News), and the Reader‘s J.R. Jones, at the Gene Siskel Film Center’s 86th Academy Awards Nominations Panel.

Kevin Warwick recommends catching comedian James Adomian at the Hideout, part of Tomorrow Never Knows. “[Adomian] integrates dozens of voices into his stand-up, not only taking jabs at poor schlubs like character actor Paul Giamatti but digging as well into the inexplicable urgency of everything New York City—with plenty of overembellished accents to illustrate.”

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