• Kevin Winter
  • Jay Z

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Jay Z performs at the United Center. “At age 44, Jay Z is starting to lose some of the addictive on-mike electricity that’s made him an icon, and his performances on Magna Carta can’t quite match his aspirations—but he remains an unparalleled live performer, and he’s backed up by what’s inarguably the strongest body of work in rap history,” writes Miles Raymer in Soundboard.

Jack Helbig recommends checking out Hellcab at the Main Stage. “Paul Dillon, reviving the role he originated in the 1992 world premiere, is nothing short of astounding; a single look, a small change in his expression, communicates volumes,” he writes.

Leave your work clothes on the floor and morph into the anarchist, Mohawked, drug-afflicted punk rock god you’ve always wanted to be at Punk Rock Karaoke, hosted by Beauty Bar. The playlist features songs from the likes of the Ramones, Misfits, Rancid, and the Clash, all performed by you, of course.

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