Larry Ochs and Don Robinson
  • Peter Wochniak
  • Larry Ochs and Don Robinson

Looking for something to do today? Agenda’s got you covered:

Named after the legendary Chicago author and radio host, the Studs Terkel Community Media Awards are an annual event that recognizes the city’s best reporters—and we should know, as our own Mick Dumke took home a prize last year. The festivities take place at Columbia College’s Conaway Center.

It’s usually embarrassing when people take karaoke too seriously. You sound like Bonnie Tyler. We get it. Not embarrassing: Beauty Bar’s Karaoke Idol, a fight-to-the-death karaoke grudge match to win money for charity.

Larry Ochs and Don Robinson perform at Elastic. “Robinson is neither flashy nor explosive, but his [drumming] has heft and he covers lots of ground—he can maintain a feeling of order while playing meterless rhythms or transform the pulse of jagged postbop till it’s almost abstract. He’s a good match for Ochs, and over the decades the two of them have developed a fine-tuned rapport,” writes Peter Margasak.

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