Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

The multimedia mogul that is longtime noise/punk rock band the Jesus Lizard has added another feather to its cap. Akashic Books is releasing The Jesus Lizard Book, a coffee-table book of photography, art, and plenty of fun nonsense, as told by the foursome. At today’s release party, hosted by the Empty Bottle, members of the band participate in a panel discussion moderated by Drag City’s Rian Murphy. Joe Meno and Megan Stielstra will read work they wrote specifically for the event about the Jesus Lizard. RSVP at emptybottle.com.

After the reading, stick around and catch a show by Mark McGuire, who opens for psych-rock band Earth at the Empty Bottle. “The output of Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist [McGuire], both solo and with his old Cleveland trio Emeralds, has done a lot to blur the line between kosmische and New Age music,” writes Peter Margasak in Soundboard. In a 2005 write-up, Monica Kendrick said that “[Earth] brings it way way down, past even Sabbathy ‘lude rock, into an icy zone of dark-matter density—you wonder if this deep, deep sludge is being played by Ents or trolls or some other creature that has a longer life span and a much slower metabolism than we do.”

Today is International Whisk(e)y Day. At Untitled, you can sample selections from more than 65 worldwide whiskey distilleries, including Glenfiddich, Macallan, and Taketsuru. Appetizers included. Get your tickets here.

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