• Brian Stoiber
  • Eyes to the Skies

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Watch balloons float up over the sunset in what might be described as a very slow-motion fireworks shows at the Eyes to the Skies festival tonight through Sunday. The fest at Lisle Community Park will also have live music, a carnival, a parade, and a craft fair to enjoy during the day before you aim your eyes upward.

Celebrate another day—or four—of living with the International Festival of Life going on tonight through Sunday at Union Park. Experience the sounds of many cultures all in one place with reggae, salsa, R&B, and mambo, just to name a few. Luciano, Romain Virgo, Third World, and Glen Jones are among the performers.

If you are a “folk-leaning loner,” come out to the Burlington Bar in Logan Square tonight and listen to the guitar music of Daniel Schneider, aka the Singleman Affair. The singer-songwriter’s most recent album, The Silhouettes at Dawn, strays from what some call his “psychedelic” image with songs including “swooning pedal steel and gentle brushed snare evoking tumblin’ tumbleweeds,” according to the Reader‘s Kevin Warwick.

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