• Sportin’ Waves, “Alisko Hair Cut” by Brian Chankin

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

“Sportin’ Waves,” a collection of hand-painted Ghanaian barbershop signs, is the best art show in a beauty salon this year. Reader contributor Noah Berlatsky writes, “You don’t know whether to gawk or gasp or laugh or just be intrigued—reactions that work equally well . . . whether as advertising or as art.” Check it out at Strange Beauty Show.

Dmitry Samarov, the painter, writer, and former cabdriver, is this month’s featured speaker at Lillstreet Art Center’s lecture series. Tonight the Russian-born artist and Reader contributor will chat about his work, from the doodle he did on his Lenin red star pin in first grade to the paintings he now creates in Chicago.

Mecca Flats was a south-side apartment building turned housing project that stood at 34th and State for more than 60 years before its demolition in the early 1950s. “Mecca Flat Blues” at the Chicago Cultural Center features photographs of the historic building.

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