• The Amazing Catfish

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Each year the Experimental Sound Studio commissions sound artists to write new pieces specifically designed for the Lincoln Park Conservatory’s Fern Room. Florasonic aims to reflect the natural mood and attributes of the conservatory and its plants. This month you’ll hear a piece by Hal Rammel composed on his sound palette, a custom instrument he designed in the 90s.

Artist Maria Gaspar, in collaboration with Enlace Chicago and the Chicago Public Art Group, explores the Cook County prison system via interdisciplinary art in the exhibit “96Acres.” She leads a discussion tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the museum’s “MCA Live” series.

The Chicago Latino Film Festival is still in full swing, and tonight you can catch The Amazing Catfish at River East 21. Ben Sachs writes, “this glorious 2013 debut feature by Mexican writer-director Claudia Sainte-Luce takes one of the most shopworn melodramatic premises—a dying mother and her children trying to make the best of their time together—and makes it feel spontaneous and new.”

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