• Kristin Basta
  • Theater Oobleck

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Now that Ron Reyes has been unceremoniously dismissed from the legendary hardcore-punk band Black Flag’s swan-song reunion, it’s really just founder/guitarist Greg Ginn and a bunch of scabs playing the cuts. But Greg Ginn is still indomitable, and he still reps the name. You can check it out tonight at Reggie’s Rock Club following a free all-ages performance at which the band will play stripped-down songs a kid’s show (bizarre).

The weather finally matches the season, so enjoy it while Chicago jazz artists play in the MCA terrace and sculpture garden. A dinner buffet is available, and Al Carter-Bey and Richton Guy Thomas host.

It’s the second-to-last night of Theater Oobleck’s Tuesday Night Residency at the Hideout. Tonight Oobleck presents “Jewboy and Grosbeck” in which fictional talk show host Marty Grosbeck, played by nonfictional person David Isaacson, gets the scoop on what Jewboy’s been up to since he went off the fictional grid ten years ago after starring in Oobleck’s The Life and Times of Jewboy Cain: Jewboy Rejux.

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