• Ashlee Benes
  • Tuesdays on the Terrace

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

The Museum of Contemporary Art opens its backyard for the weekly jazz series Tuesdays on the Terrace. Tonight you can check out local cellist and 2013 Reader People Issue person Tomeka Reid.

Don’t you dare confuse it with bocce. Lawn bowling is a thinking man’s game, with more rules and jargon, but just as pleasant to play on a sunny summer day. Hit the lawn-bowling green to learn the ropes from the vets of the Lakeside Lawn Bowling Club today in Jackson Park.

Adam Guerino hosts the stand-up showcase Queer Comedy’s third anniversary celebration tonight at Zanies. Bill Cruz, Rebecca O’Neal, Trannika Rex, and Joseph William Reese are among those bringing the laughs, not to mention 2014 Best of Chicago winner Candy Lawrence.

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