• Hayden Karnitz
  • Geronimo!

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Today’s a lovely day to pass the time at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Get your veggie fix at the farmer’s market then use your Illinois ID for free admission into the museum, where the paintings maybe resemble veggies (you never know with modern art).

Tonight you can check out a third of Tony Adler’s pick for Best Three-Hit Run by a Theater Raising $31 Million. The Dance of Death is still going strong at the Writer’s Theatre, and Adler writes, “the real revelation here may be Philip Earl Johnson’s performance as Kurt, he whose psyche is torn a new one. Especially as it’s conceived at Writers, the role requires Johnson to leave blood on the floor, and he quite literally, quite shockingly does.”

Local rockers Geronimo! play at Township tonight. In Soundboard Kevin Warwick writes, “[Cheap Trick] is Geronimo!’s most focused release yet, and it’s nice to see the long-running locals—who’ve paid their dues with more than a few opening slots—finally starting to get what they deserve.”

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