• Drekfest

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Presented by Stage Left, DrekFest is about bad writing. Actually, it’s about good writers writing bad plays—because that’s funny. Judges vote on the worst of the worst—the “Grand Loser”—and rip the winning bad playwright apart. Of the four ten-minute plays to be performed at ComedySportz, Grape Jelly: A Play About a Prostitute wins for best title.

Tonight the Hideout hosts CFA Crashers, the inaugural event in which the Chicago Film Archive invites locals to curate a night of films. This month culture and music writer—and former Reader contributor—Jessica Hopper presents “Women at Work,” featuring the films Women in Business and The Willmar 8.

French black-metal four piece Plebeian Grandstand plays Cobra Lounge tonight. Monica Kendrick writes, “On their second full-length, Lowgazers (Throatruiner), French band Plebeian Grandstand get mathcore and grind all tangled up with black metal, producing a nasty little masterpiece of constant discomfort.” Hexis and Reproacher open.

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