Dave Rempis
  • Dave Rempis

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Nobunny—aka Chicago native Justin Champlain—draws his inspiration from an eclectic mix of rock ‘n’ roll that spans across decades, from 50s and 60s novelty records to 90s garage trash. “Though that jumble of influences might seem messier than a Tastee-Freez food fight,” wrote Brian Costello in 2009, “when you put it all together it works like a stupidly brilliant Mad magazine Fold-In, creating a single simple message.” Hussy and New Rose Alliance open.

Examining the Greek texts Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, and The Eumenides, local judges and legal counsel hold a retrial of the crimes of the mythological character Orestes. Presented by the National Hellenic Museum, the trial will be held at UIC Forum.

Saxophonist Dave Rempis, bassist Joshua Abrams, and percussionist Avreeayl Ra perform at Hideout. Peter Margasak calls the group, who just released its first album, Aphelion, “the most organically ebbing-and-flowing band I’ve ever heard (Rempis) lead.”

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