Metal Church
  • Metal Church

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

In The How and the Why, a grad student marches into an esteemed biology professor’s office ready to argue. The student’s motives aren’t clear, but the Reader‘s Tony Adler says the quality of Janet Ulrich Brooks’s performance as the professor is never in doubt: “She’s the very embodiment of the sort of vivid intelligence you’d expect from a world-class scholar, and she’s a wonder.” See it at Timeline Theatre.

According to Monica Kendrick, Metal Church is all about that NWOBHM life, which they manifest through “devotion to crisp, streamlined proto-thrash riffing and piercing, gymnastic vocals.” See them at Reggie’s Rock Club tonight. Wrath, Screamking, and Ironfinger open.

Celebrate the birthday of late country singer Johnny Cash with a tribute event at Untitled. Performers include Iron Horse and Adam Lee of Million Dollar Quartet.

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