Chris Schoen and Emmy Bean in Baudelaire in a Box
  • Chris Schoen and Emmy Bean in “Baudelaire in a Box”

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

J-pop performer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a real person—we think. “Her finely tuned, synapse-searing audiovisual aesthetic often makes it seem like she’s trying to find a way into the same unreal plane of existence that’s home to the most acid-damaged anime,” writes the Reader‘s Miles Raymer. See her tonight at House of Blues.

The A.V. Club Live features “impassioned nerdfights, embarrassing admissions, and interviews with entertainment luminaries.” The show takes place tonight at Up Comedy Club.

Theater Oobleck presents the sixth edition of Baudelaire in a Box, the nationwide project to adapt Charles Baudelaire’s poetry into musical storytelling. See it at Links Hall at Constellation.

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