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Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Orson Welles exuded a Shakespearean gravitas, and never was it more evident than when he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in an adaptation of the Bard’s Othello, “arguably an even more important film in Welles’s career than Citizen Kane,” writes former Reader film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum. See for yourself tonight, when the Gene Siskel Film Center screens the brand-new 2K DCP digital print scanned from the film’s 1992 restoration.

After five years in Chicago, the Encyclopedia Show is coming to a close. Poets Shanny Jean Maney and Robbie Q. Telfer host the second-to-last live-lit show tonight at Stage 773. Brianna Wellen writes, “While aspects of the show have been tweaked throughout its run, it has always balanced humor with the seriousness of academia. A fact-checker keeps track of ‘truths’ and ‘untruths’ during each presentation, and the two hosts must become impromptu experts on everything from mythical beasts to Alan Turing, the British mathematician.”

Rock musician Peter Wolf returns to Chicago tonight for an acoustic performance. Check out the eclectic performer and his band, the Midnight Travelers, at City Winery.

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