• Courtesy Illinois Holocaust Museum
  • Ruth Gruber’s photograph of children playing chess on the deck of the Henry Gibbins (1944)

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When the ship Runnymede Park landed in British-controlled Palestine filled with refugees from the Holocaust in 1947, they were confronted and denied entry by authorities. In response, the passengers painted a swastika on a Union Jack and photographer Ruth Gruber captured one of the most influential photos of the century. That image and others from Gruber’s half-century long career are featured in the traveling exhibit “Ruth Gruber: Photojournalist,” which runs until June at the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

Dance Dance Party Party’s weekly dance sessions are governed by exactly three rules: “no boys, no booze, and no judgement.” Tonight, you can groove, goof around, and feel good under the lights of “a poor-gal’s version of a disco ball” with “no instructors, no fitness goals, and nothing to prove” at Perpetual Motion Dance Studio.

Compton rapper YG brings his ratchet sound to the Metro tonight. In Soundboard Leor Galil writes, “My Krazy Life (Def Jam), the recent major-label debut from Compton rapper YG, proves that regional rap can still thrive in 2014—the album’s all about ratchet, the bold and skeletal party sound that’s been brewing in Los Angeles for the past few years.”

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