• Courtesy of Tone Deaf Touring
  • Blood Ceremony

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

If you’ve got an itch to see some live theater—the kind willing to blend music, visual art, and the Internet into one bizarre collaboration—look no further than Collaboraction’s Sketchbook 13, which takes place at the Flat Iron Arts Building and features 14 plays ranging from seven to 50 minutes in length, divided into four programs.

At the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum, Robert Ritner discusses Egyptian dream interpretation and theory in a lecture titled “Awake in Peace!”

“Toronto four-piece Blood Ceremony often get described using the words “folk” and “doom,” usually at the same time, but the real precedents for their sound are late-60s and early-70s witch-rock bands such as Black Widow and Coven,” writes Monica Kendrick in Soundboard. They play tonight at the Bottom Lounge. Kylesa opens.

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