Smith Westerns

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

Sometimes you want a little control over your entertainment, a chance to set a show’s agenda instead of being merely a passive consumer. Reader contributor Marissa Oberlander describes 3Peat’s improv format as such: “one member gets a word or question from the audience, spins it into a monologue, then the cast riffs off the monologue for a long-form piece.”

In just a few years, Smith Westerns went from backing up Nobunny in a Humboldt Park living room to playing Coachella and Lollapalooza. Their new album, Soft Will, “barely has anything in common with their older stuff—walls of vocal hooks and lush synths stand where blown-out, distorted guitars once romped,” writes Luca Cimarusti in Soundboard. They headline a show tonight at Lincoln Hall.

California metal two-piece Wreck & Reference perform at Burlington. “The recent No Content seven-inch (Flenser) is just as great: on the A side, “Absurdities & Echoes,” Wreck & Reference get heavy with minimal drumming and a funereal drone like a subterranean air-raid siren,” writes Leor Galil in Soundboard.

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