• Windhand

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Virginia-based doom metal band Windhand performs at Cobra Lounge. The band releases their new album, Soma, in less than a week, which Reader critic Leor Galil says “isn’t just cosmically dark and heavy” but “strongly melodic.” Mount Salem and Marmora open.

Tony Adler recommends checking out Next to Normal, currently in production at Drury Lake in Oakbrook. “Yes, Next to Normal is two and a half hours of psychodrama in the most literal sense. It’s also witty, wry, surprisingly tuneful, and utterly compelling,” he writes.

The exhibit “Wisconessee,” at Kasia Kay Art Projects, is inspired by the common memories of artists Daniel Bruttig and Duncan R. Anderson from their respective upbringings in Wisconsin and Tennessee. Sarah Nardi calls it “a collection of objects, like relics pulled from dreams.”

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