• Shigeto

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Davy Rothbart is a contributor to This American Life and an author (most recently of My Heart Is an Idiot), but as the cocreator of Found Magazine, his greatest gift may be for collecting other people’s crap. He’ll be showing off some of his best recent finds on the Found Unfinished Business Tour tonight at Schubas.

Twentieth-century American poets Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop maintained a long and bittersweet friendship—we know this because they left behind 400 letters of their correspondence as evidence. From those letters, Wilmette native and playwright Sarah Ruhl distilled the play Dear Elizabeth. See it at the Poetry Foundation.

Leor Galil recommends checking out electronic music producer Shigeto at Bottom Lounge. “The latest Shigeto album, No Better Time Than Now (Ghostly International), sometimes suggests soul jazz or organ jazz, with touches of vibraphone or melodies that sound like they’re played on a Hammond B-3—the warm notes land like raindrops in a pond and ripple smoothly through the songs,” he writes in Soundboard.

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