Witold Rybczynski has a nice little Flash gallery on Eero Saarinen; his building for John Deere in Moline is great. The local work that Rybczynski elides (“In college dormitories for Vassar, Chicago, and Penn, Saarinen created a modern architecture that responded to its historic architectural surroundings,” aka Woodward, a pit that featured a unique, bad smell on each floor*) or ignores (the U. of C. Law School, which is designed around a fountain that’s in operation for like a third of the school year) is, almost universally, reviled. It happens; Saarinen’s a great architect. But he’s also one of the reasons U. of C. people are always on guard when the brass announces a fancy new building.

*In fairness to Saarinen, the U. of C. lowballed him on the money they were willing to devote to its construction, so he pulled his name from it, allowing the university to tear it down several years ago, if I remember my history correctly. I can’t even find a picture of it. But my Memorial to Woodward in the student paper, featuring a picture of people tearing down the Berlin Wall, was appreciated.