Pretty much every MC raps over a Meters sample sooner or later, but how many kick it with actual guys from the Meters? Well, when they found Pimp C dead in his hotel room last month, that number got a little closer to zero.

According to a post that just went up on one of XXL‘s blogs, when Pimp was alive, he and Meters guitarist Leo Nocentelli were bros. Nocentelli played on UGK’s Super Tight and worked on tunes with Pimp. “[H]e was a Meters fanatic,” Nocentelli says. “He would come up with songs that I forgot, and different guitar riffs and significant things about the song and I’d say ‘I don’t even remember that song.’ But he knew ’em all.” Plus Nocentelli even took Pimp’s phone calls at five in the damn morning. That is bad as hell.