Rebecca Kling and company

  • Rebecca Kling and company

Reader contributor Albert Williams writes:

“In 2008 I profiled a trio of queer performance artists who’d teamed up for a show at Links Hall called Charged Bodies—the first fruit of Links’s visiting-artist mentorship program, in which emerging artists develop and present new solo works under the guidance of experienced professionals. For this maiden effort, the three mentees were teamed with gay, California-based performance artist and teacher Tim Miller.

“Over the past four years, one of the three—transgender spoken-word artist Rebecca Kling—has transitioned from male to female while carving out an impressive career as a performer and educator. Her current show, ‘Storms Beneath Her Skin,’ tours this summer to fringe festivals in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Kling has just published her first collection, No Gender Left Behind. According to Kling, the 96-page book includes ‘storytelling, poetry, a transitioning mikveh, the weather forecast for gender identity, autobiographical material, and more.'”