I didn’t make it to Union Park on Friday—deadline work and a stubborn back spasm (day three!) kept me at Reader HQ while much of the rest of the staff hit Pitchfork. You know, how Professor X hangs out at the Xavier Institute while the X-Men go to music festivals. I think Leor Galil is definitely Nightcrawler—you should see the hours that guy keeps!

OK, yes, I’m aware that Nightcrawler’s mutant power isn’t staying up very late—I’m also aware that when I start making disclaimers about a stupid analogy, it’s time to drop it.

The forecast storms cut short Bjork’s set at about 9:30 (and played hell with the Pearl Jam and Phish concerts across town), but not before the flickering lightning added a touch of extra ambience to her otherworldly stage show. She promptly decamped to Lincoln Hall to be the “very special guest DJ” at the Savages afterparty—a gig for which she’s rumored to have asked for only a bottle of champagne in payment.

After the jump, Reader staff and contributors sum up their Fridays. Any paragraph in italics is me butting in: