Aprons have been making somewhat of a comeback,  thanks to the crafty sewing movement as well as increasing interest in cooking at home–anyone who’s spattered hot olive oil on a favorite outfit has learned the appeal of this garment. Even designer Thakoon Panichgul has zeroed in on the trend, incorporating the look into a dress. Kerry Vitali, who I profiled in a What Are You Wearing? (on page 3 of the pdf) back in 2006, later launched a sideline sewing and selling aprons, Practically Necessary. She’s got some new designs up right now. (I’m partial to the Cockadoodle.)

I wore a relatively simple flowered Vitali design to protect myself while making latkes at a brunch last year and was amused at the many admiring comments I received–although I can’t remember if any of them were from guys. I think they were too busy eating.

Vitali’s aprons are also available at Wolfbait & B-Girls.