• Michael Bordelon
  • Cool Ghouls

Dear everyone, please remember to spring forward this weekend—and please remember to prepare yourself to bask in the warmth of the sun for an additional hour and change each day. We have crested winter, and in doing so we’ve crested the doom and gloom. We music writers are now afforded the opportunity to tread the tired ground of first discussing the change in the weather and then explaining how we’re only going to listen to sunshiny, jangly garage-rock tunes to reflect our mood.

So here I am! For today’s 12 O’Clock Track, let us focus our collective attention on “And It Grows” by San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls. Propelled by a hypnotic swirl of glittering guitars, this ramshackle number is a kind of garage-rock tumbleweed that’s being gently nudged along the bay by a Pacific Ocean breeze. At its catchiest and most fun, “And It Grows” is reminiscent of local heroes Outer Minds during one of their bouncy, all-in romps (when the backing vocals come in), and when Ghouls let loose a blown-out guitar lead, the track retreats into a thicket of weed smoke and heavy leisure—two of summer’s biggest draws. Their sophomore album, A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rhye (produced by Sonny of Sonny & the Sunsets), is out now via Empty Cellar Records. The dudes play the Whistler this Sunday. Slushy opens.