It’s been a while since the Fake Fictions sent me demos for their upcoming second album, Krakatoa, which they probably would’ve finished by now if they hadn’t lost a bunch of gear in a practice space fire. They’re regrouped and regeared now, and have just started tracking in their new space with an old eight-track recorder (a Tascam 488 mk I, to be specific). Though the band—specifically front man Nick Ammerman—steadfastly refuse to record on a computer, they’re not averse to documenting the process on one. Their making-of-Krakatoa blog is live in all its spunky DIY glory. The FFs generally function less on actual technical prowess and infrastructure and more on pure enthusiasm, and that includes their recording methods, resulting in some entertaining reading. Ammerman, for instance, recently discovered that there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t use a drum as a mike stand.

Bonus material: Here’s the band ripping jams in Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Untitled 1996 (Rehearsal Studio No. 6 Silent Version) at the MCA’s “Sympathy for the Devil” exhibit.