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The Korean fast-food invasion continues. Last week Monica Eng reported the April landing of South Korean frozen yogurt chain Red Mango in Evanston and Naperville. Happily, I can report that Red Mango is tasty stuff, having enjoyed it in Seoul a few years back. I know the picture to the left doesn’t look terrifically special, but the yogurt–available in vanilla or green tea, with a variety of toppings (fruits, nuts, candies)–has a subdued sweetness and a pleasing tang, you know, like an actual dairy product. I can’t say how it compares the current national fro-yo obsession Pinkberry, but lots of others have.

Pinkberry, which which was founded by Korean-Americans in California, has frequently been accused of ripping off the Red Mango model ever since RM arrived on the west coast two years ago. And that was only the first salvo fired in a veritable proprietary battle royal of Korean-affiliated frozen yogurt concerns. Now, with Red Mango establishing the first local beachhead and Pinkberry rumored to be on the way, are we the next front in the Korean fro-yo wars? And how will little Starfruit and Berry Chill survive the onslaught?