Are you a fan of the Redwalls and/or the Windy City Rollers? Do you like getting up early on Sunday mornings? The band’s shooting a video with the roller girls this weekend, and they need extras. The details, via Tim Tuten at the Hideout:

Redwalls “Game of Love” Music Video
Date: Sunday February 3rd, 2008
Location: 2450 W. Hubbard St.
Time: 8:30 AM (for 4 to 5 hours)
Parking: Street Parking and there is also a parking lot on Campbell that is owned by the building we are shooting in. It’s OK to park in there.

Concept: We are shooting this video along with the Windy City Rollers. Please visit their website The basic concept is the band will be playing in the center of a skating rink with the Windy City Rollers in a competition surrounding them. The WCR’s tire of the band very quickly and begin to get a bit aggressive. They start getting in the band’s way. But no worries, eventually, it all works out in the end! More direction will come once on set and from the director.

Your role: You will be acting as Windy City Roller fans! So, please come looking like roller derby fans, characters, flamboyant, colorful, rough and rowdy and bring more than one option…. no white or visible logos.

One more thing please bring a chair to sit in, a book or magazine to read and your ipod. There will definitely be a little downtime. Also, please come having eaten and bring your own snack.

Please contact: redwallsvideo (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested and available. Note: YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH ME PRIOR TO COMING TO SET. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED UNLESS PREVIOUSLY APPROVED.

Thanks! Alexis