• Oooooops

While we spend the week revisiting past glories on the Bleader, I want to look back on the most shameful thing that was not my fault (as opposed to the most shameful thing that was my fault—a different matter entirely, and once it’s identified I’ll be sure to atone) that I’ve endured this year. It was on the occasion of the Reader‘s inaugural Valentine’s Day issue, which a couple of coworkers and I were tasked (against our will) with putting together. When the thing was nearing completion I volunteered to write the introduction, seeing in it a chance to express myself the best way I knew how—with a minimum of tact, a maximum of vulgarity, and a lot of adjectives. I felt pretty good about this. You can read it here, if you’d like. The thing was sent to press and when I got to the office the next morning I looked at a PDF of the intro to see how it was laid out—very nicely, except that in the last paragraph, where I’d detailed all the different components of the V-Day issue, and attempted to refer readers to specific pages, there were no fewer than seven TKs in place of the page numbers. TK is editorial shorthand for “to come”—text symbolizing something that ideally will have been inserted into the piece before it’s sent to the printer. Something that you, the reader, are generally not supposed to see when you open your newspaper.

I was having a pretty lousy Valentine’s season anyhow.