Two Castles Credit: Courtesy of Two Castles' Facebook page

I’m still dragging myself out of the fog that descended upon me after three days of running around the muddy fields of Douglas Park for Riot Fest, and since then I’ve found myself seeking out contemplative, quietly alluring music more often than I usually do. Grouper’s Ruins and HVOB’s self-titled helped prod me back to reality, but I’m still scanning my brain for hearthlike, mellow music. Yesterday I recalled the twilight melancholy of a song I’d found on music blog Midwest Action earlier this summer: “Liquor” by Wisconsin singer-producer Eric Charles Christenson, aka Two Castles. Christenson’s staggering drums and dulcet, gauzy synths set the calming mood I was looking for, and his sleepy, groaning vocals add a tender touch to “Liquor.” The song is wrapped up in a lo-fi haze, so I’m still unwrapping Christenson’s lyrics with each listen, but unlike the poor sound quality that dominated much of Riot Fest the obscured moments on this tune are always intended. Take a listen to the “Liquor” below, it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.