Earlier this week Touch and Go Records posted the first of 31 video clips shot at its 25th anniversary fest in September. For the next 30 weeks there’ll be a new one every Monday. The current one is the kind of opening montage that every concert video needs, with bits of interviews, short clips of performances, some shots of guys setting up the stages, and a nice, vaguely epic-feeling piece of footage shot from a car heading down Elston towards the Hideout. From what I can tell, the people that did the shooting knew what they were doing–it looks pretty pro-style. Touch and Go says they have no plans at the moment to put the footage together into a proper release, so for now their site will be the only place to catch it. I can tell you right now the Negative Approach footage will make bookmarking the page and checking up on it every week completely worthwhile.

As sort of a bonus feature, Touch and Go also has a song from the upcoming Ted Leo and the Pharmacists album, Living With the Living, available for your listening pleasure. I just got my copy of the CD the other day, and I still need time to let it sink in before I can come up with a coherent opinion of it. But I will say that after only a couple of listens it makes me want to drink whiskey, buy a Conflict shirt, and write strongly worded emails to my elected officials.