Timothy Douglas

  • Kimberly Aileen Scott
  • Timothy Douglas

After a tenure of only six months, Timothy Douglas is calling it quits. His resignation as artistic director of Remy Bumppo Theatre takes effect January 31. He’ll be replaced by Bumppo artistic associate Nick Sandys.

“This absolutely was my decision,” Douglas told me by phone this afternoon.

The reason? “The approach to the work that I have differs so markedly from what has gone before that it just felt the compromise was too great,” said the soft-spoken 50-year-old director. “What we all did have was the same goal for the work, for the impact of the work and the integrity of the work. It literally is just the way we came at it. I finally realized that it was pushing too hard and the company at large couldn’t sustain it. With the resources that we had, the financial realities of producing theater, it just seemed clear to me that it was going to be too hard of a struggle and I decided it’s just not fair to any of us.”