Mick Dumke reports from Back of the Yards:

Fewer people appeared to be hitting the polls at 48th and Winchester. According to election officials, less than half of registered voters had shown up by about 5:30. But as people got off work, lines started to form again. One of those who made sure to cast a ballot was Rose Velasco, who credited her 11-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son with inspiring her to come out. “They’ve really been following all the news,” she said. “They pulled me into it.” Velasco had initially supported Hillary Clinton, but her daughter had caught a dose of Obamamania after following the primaries for a school project, and her son got excited about him then too. Still, she said, “It was hard for me to decide, honestly, with everything being history–an African-American running, a woman running.” She eventually concluded that, as a Chicagoan, Obama had a better sense of how the lousy economy was hitting neighborhoods like Back of the Yards. The heat her kids applied didn’t hurt either: “They were like, you have to vote for him.”