Any doubts about the longstanding nonagression pact between Democrats and Republicans on the northwest side were put to rest with the latest mass mailing from 45th Ward alderman Patrick Levar ‘s reelection campaign.

According to the letter, the area’s leading Republican elected officials–yes, there are still Republicans in at least parts of the city–are endorsing Levar’s reelection over Robert Bank, Terry Boyke, and Anna Klocek. Not only is Levar a lifelong Democrat, but he’s the protege of the late Thomas Lyons, former chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.

“As elected Republican officials from the Northwest side of Chicago, we stand in strong support of our friend PAT LEVAR for re-election,” the letter begins. “The office of ALDERMAN is Non-Partisan– not one of the 50 Aldermen in Chicago run as a Party candidate. The job of Alderman is to serve all their constituents, and in our opinion Alderman Levar has always been there for both Republican and Democrats in the 45th Ward.”

The letter is signed by 45th Ward Republican committeeman David Haynes, state rep Angelo “Skip” Saviano, 41st Ward alderman Brian Doherty, Cook County commissioner Peter Silvestri, and state rep Michael McAuliffe.

Traditionally there hasn’t been much difference between northwest-side Republicans and Democrats. They’re all pretty much loyal supporters of Mayor Daley, for example. But northwest-side Republican voters came out for Tony Peraica over Todd Stroger in the race for Cook County Board president.

Levar supported Stroger, though not very forcefully. In fact, some local observers have surmised that Levar is calling on his Republican friends in part to distance himself from Stroger, who’s not very popular in this neck of the woods.