Tomorrow night posthardcore group Planes Mistaken for Stars return to town less than five months after their first 2015 reunion tour brought them to 1st Ward in Wicker Park. Formed in Peoria in 1997 but based in Denver since ’99, they’ll head to Logan Square to play Quenchers, which feels too small for a band with such a devoted following—though the dive-bar setting is fitting. Many of the group’s best songs sound like the work of disgruntled bar regulars who’ve been dragged into the sunlight after a long night of excess—though of course the execution is tighter than I’d expect to hear from anyone with a hangover.

As my colleague Kevin Warwick wrote in July, Planes Mistaken for Stars have been touring behind the summertime reissue of 2006’s Mercy. Last year Peoria microlabel Intensive Purposes put out cassette versions of two of the band’s earliest recordings, including their 1998 self-titled EP. Independent imprint Deep Elm previously reissued Planes Mistaken for Stars in 1999—it’s one of many releases that cemented its reputation as a purveyor of emo.

Planes evolved after that first release, diving deeper into the muck through the years, but the EP signaled the doom and gloom to come. On “Knuckle Hungry” they take a cold, somber guitar and slop on fierce riffs and wayward screams. It’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.