• Bikini Kill

In October the first major release by the best punk band of the 90s, Bikini Kill’s self-titled debut EP for Kill Rock Stars, turns 20. So it’s as good a time as any for the long-defunct group to announce that it’s launching its own label and reissuing its complete back catalog. Bikini Kill Records will begin selling physical albums in the fall, beginning with the Bikini Kill EP, but as of yesterday the band’s entire Kill Rock Stars discography, including their nearly flawless swan song, Reject All American, is available through iTunes, eMusic, and the Bikini Kill Bandcamp page. Also available are albums by Kathi Wilcox’s post-breakup bands the Frumpies and the Casual Dots, plus Bikini Kill T-shirts featuring designs from back in the day. There are also plans to reissue the band’s hard-to-find Revolution Girl Style Now! demo tape and an odds-and-sods rarities collection. Bikini Kill were as much a multimedia project as they were a band, and they say they’re “going through our archive, which include photographs, practice tapes, live recordings, unreleased songs, films, video, writing, interviews, zines and flyers that we intend to feature on future releases and document on our website.” Which sounds fucking killer.

After the jump, see the band in its confrontational prime ripping up “Suck My Left One.”