You gotta love the Sun-Times — God help us all if it goes out of business.

On page seven of today’s edition the shameless matter-of-fact corruption of everyday life in Chicago is clearly laid out for anyone to see.

On the right side of the page is a small article by Tim Novak about the $29,000-a-year property tax break that Board of Review commissioners Joe Berrios, Brendhan Houlihan and Larry Rogers gave to Michael Tadin. If you recall, Tadin’s the City Hall insider whose trucking company picked up several million dollars in contracts from the notorious Hired Truck program. (By the way, so much for Berrios being the only impediment to reform on that three-person board.)  By lowering the assessment on Tadin’s Gold Coast mansion, Berrios, Houhlihan and Rogers gave him about $90,000 in property tax savings until the next reassessment in 2009, which the rest of us suckers have to absorb. Thanks, fellas.

To the left of the Tadin story is an update by Novak on the Park Grill (PDF)–aka the “clout cafe”–which is run by Matthew O’Malley, who fathered a child by Laura Foxgrover, the Park District concessions czarina who helped give him the rights to run the only restaurant in Millennium Park. (Personally, it’s my favorite scandal of the Daley years). Bottom line on the update: the restaurant’s bringing in about $12 million a year and still not paying any property taxes, thanks to the sweetheart deal it got from the Park District.

Finally, on the bottom of the page is a list put together by Chris Fusco of who in Tony Rezko’s empire of pals, aides, and relatives gave what to Barack Obama’s senate campaign.

But don’t worry, people. What do Daley’s lackies and flaks always tell us? Oh, yes — it’s worse in Detroit