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Riot Fest destroyed Humboldt Park this year—ask anyone who went and you’ll hear survival stories from the festival season’s worst mud pile. This morning, though, Riot Fest announced that work restoring and improving Humboldt Park had been completed and that the brand-new Riot Fest Foundation would continue charitable initiatives in the neighborhood throughout the year. They’ll start by hosting what’s about to be the largest Thanksgiving turkey drive in Chicago.

The founder of Riot Fest, Michael Petryshyn, said in a press release, “We take great pride in calling Humboldt Park our home—in both a “park” sense, but more importantly, a community sense—and there is nothing more important to us than making certain that our relationship with residents stays strong and fluid.”

Riot Fest has already purchased 600 turkeys for the holiday drive that’s set to take place on Monday, November 24, in front of the 26th Ward Office on 2511 W. Division St. Riot Fest staff will team up with Alderman Roberto Maldonado to distribute the turkeys to those who need help feeding their families this Thanksgiving.

“We were lucky enough to have teachers, mentors, and parents who supported us and still support us every day, no matter how idealistic or foolish it may seem to most. Riot Fest can and will help kids and families in that same manner,” said Petryshyn. “Humboldt Park has such a rich and historic soul. That soul is full of people and business, which have been there for decades. And I cannot deny that there is a moral imperative on our end not to change that, but to make sure that soul is protected and the people of Humboldt Park benefit from us being there.”

You can now sign up to receive e-mail updates about the Riot Fest Foundation at its website.