The tragically early death of Jay Reatard is big news in the social media, but here are two more obits that shouldn’t go unnoticed: Dannie Flesher, co-founder of Wax Trax Records (via @triblive); and Wisconsin native Donald Goerke, creator of my favorite childhood food, SpaghettiOs (and Chunky Soup). “The” creator is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, however – the late researchers Ralph Miller (a chemist) and Kurt Eberling (a chef) developed the foodstuff itself.

(Yes, that last link does go to High Times, not coincidentally.)

And of course Cecil Adams has more on the history of Campbell’s and Franco-American: “in later years Franco-American introduced the unforgettable SpaghettiOs, which did for the eating experience what Grant did for Vicksburg.”