Dieter Moebius in 2010 Credit: Alice d25/Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday numerous outlets reported that Dieter Moebius, the Swiss-born musician, died at the age of 71. His body of work spans virtually every conceivable iteration of late-20th-century experimental electronic music: noise and drone with Kluster (with Hans Joachim-Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler), proto-dance music with Cluster (the same group sans Schnitzler), Krautrock with Harmonia (in which Cluster brought on Neu! multi-instrumentalist Michael Rother), ambient music with Brian Eno (as both Harmonia and Eno as well as Cluster & Eno), and a combination of all these kinds of music with his own solo material. Therefore, selecting something for today’s 12 O’Clock Track is an impossible task, since no one tune can adequately convey the depth of Moebius’s wide-ranging career. So I’ll just settle for my favorite: “The Belldog,” off of the 1978 album After the Heat, credited to Eno Moebius Roedelius. This is more of an Eno song than a Moebius one, especially because it features the former’s vocals—but in its buzzy synth interjections, frosty ambient-keyboard pads, and slowly building drama, it has Moebius’s signature all over it. Listen to it below and give pause for one of the great innovators of 20th-century electronic music.