• The art for Big Zit’s debut demo cassette

Occasionally I’ll get a bit despondent reading through the same music-related stories clogging up my RSS feed—today it’s Hollywood Reporter‘s piece on Arcade Fire’s marketing campaign for Reflektor—and want to blast some loud, fast, and visceral tunes to get my heart rate back up. For today’s adrenaline injection I’ve turned to Big Zit, a hardcore outfit from northwest Indiana that whips out mangled, acid-fried guitar riffs while its singer wails in a fashion that reminds me of early Bad Brains. There’s barely any info about this band circulating online besides what other bands its members have played in (Raw Nerve, Pukeoid, Ooze) and links to download the group’s recent debut demo, International Players Club Introduces Big Zit. But when I first heard the cassette a few weeks ago I reached out to Not Normal Tapes founder and former Raw Nerve front man Ralph Rivera to find out a little more about the band, and he tells me he’s aiming to release at least one seven-inch with Big Zit late this year or early next year. The band’s also playing a couple shows in Indiana towards the end of November, and they’re within a stone’s throw of Chicago. Take a listen to Big Zit’s demo and start planning your trek to Hammond, Indiana.