Brendan Scanlon, aka the street artist SOLVE–whom you may remember from his Blue Line TV installation–was stabbed to death yesterday early Saturday; he was 24. Kirk Tobolski, also 24, was charged with his murder. There’s a Flickr discussion thread where people are paying their respects. Here’s a video interview with him (he and/or the cameraman was understandably coy about showing his face); he appeared in Shylo Bisnett’s roundup of prominent local street artists in Gapers Block. His Daley poster is brilliant; here’s a Flickr group of his work. There’s a more vague thread here. There are some suggestions here and there that the incident had something to do with a local street punk gang called the 77s; more about them here (scroll down). Update: Just to be clear, there’s no concrete evidence or confirmation that any gangs were involved. Information on bulletin boards isn’t checked or confirmed, so for heaven’s sake don’t believe it out of hand (h/t JCP). I think it’s interesting to follow the threads and see what people are saying amongst themselves, because you get to learn about new things, but you have to be sensible about what to trust as fact, and I haven’t seen anything that gets my mental stamp of approval that’s not already in the papers.

(And if you think a specific person is responsible, tell the police instead of posting it on Flickr. Sometimes different people have the same names, etc.)

Here’s the impromptu memorial that went up after his death: