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So many people I talked to this weekend were “totes”* sad that Logan Square’s tiniest, sweatiest, shadiest late-night dance bar closed on Saturday. A “protracted legal battle” is responsible for shuttering the two-year-old Rorschach test of a watering hole, Time Out said, and that kind of makes sense for a place where you came to get hammered and make bad decisions.

When I found myself at Bonny’s on Friday night irreparably sober and unavailable to the ladies, I decided to make the best of the experience by asking some regulars—and there were plenty of sightseers there to see what they’d been missing—where they’d go to get their drunken dancing fix. Results were mixed, but aside from one very confident reply that Danny’s could offer everything Bonny’s could, no one was sure. “Danny’s is great, but it’s not the same,” one told me. “I guess I can’t walk home from the Hideout,” said another. “Bonny’s for life,” said another, who had “no fucking idea” where she’d go in coming weekends, just that it’d never be the bar that replaces Bonny’s.

Anyway, things didn’t seem so out of the ordinary on Friday besides the 40-minute-long line outside. We sang “Last Nite” in its entirety on the penultimate night, but that could happen any day, really, because that song is awesome. The one notable difference was on Instagram, which lit up with more than a few tributes, and some of the same old pics of shit-faced faces.