• Antoine Carlier
  • Savages

Saturday starts with the excellent KEN Mode (who seem to have bounced back from Wednesday’s van crash) and White Lung, who have inexplicably been booked against each other. And it doesn’t let up till, well, Belle & Sebastian.

I’m especially looking forward to Swans and their shamanic doom-drone—I have my misgivings about seeing them play outdoors in the sun, but I’m optimistic that they’ll arrange an eclipse. Savages also promise to be a great live band, though in my mind at least they’d seem more properly at home in darkness as well—maybe in a leaky abandoned subway tunnel.

Reader writers have reviewed all 18 artists on today’s bill (as well as rounded up the afterparties), and because all those overlapping sets present some tough choices, Luca Cimarusti, Kevin Warwick, and contest winner Derrick Alexander have drawn up hour-by-hour itineraries. Throughout the day Reader contributors will be posting to Twitter (follow @Chicago_Reader or use this handy list) and Instagram (also @Chicago_Reader).

After the jump, Warwick and Tina Sfondeles of the Sun-Times talk about what they’re most looking forward to today, besides not constantly sticking to their own clothes.