Expat club MC Uffie has defied expectations by outliving her first single, “Pop the Glock,” and becoming the closest thing to a rock star that club music has at the moment. She’s doing a live PA at Sonotheque on Saturday. Based on the one she did a few months back at Funky Buddha, I’m going to bet that her performance will be just OK, but it won’t really matter, since scene there will be totally off the rails. I highly recommend you head out for it, and while I’m at it I’ll go ahead and recommend a few more things to boot. 

One: pay attention to her DJ, Feadz. For all the Uff-mania lighting up the clubs these days, Feadz still isn’t getting anything near what I would consider the proper amount of love. For the past few years he’s been cranking out tweaked mutant electro music that sounds like hip-hop reimagined by a drug-addled Commodore 64, and the rest of the world is just starting to catch up to him.

Two: You will probably be well-served by picking up a copy of Bunny Rabbit‘s album Lovers and Crypts when it comes out next Tuesday. Yeah, it’s true that the “sexed-up female electro-rap MC” meme has been done to death by now — and yeah, I have to dock her a few points for hanging out with those ignorant-ass CocoRosie chicks — but despite all that I’m loving her stuff. “Saddle Up” is on deck to becoming the nasty jam of the summer, and Bunny’s producer Black Cracker has skills and an outre taste in beats that in a just world would put her behind the board for at least one Busta Rhymes joint.

Three: And now for something completely different.