butchering presentation
askign one butcher in each of hte five cities take a whol hog and brak it down into as many retals cuts as you can in an hour.

Whoever has the nicest cut list an utilizes the most the naiml get sto go to babrecue event in Memphis

One butcher at each competiton nomrla walk around tasting

a bunch of htem, TH ebutcher prvides a cut list

the photogprsahr at the event shoot smost of these and basically make sa photo essay of hte butchering demo.

Not ht last city then the seocnd to last New York

aI knwo he’s done protland New york Boston and I think one other.

PArt f what we wnat to do i make a really nice display tenchically you just have to make the cits but we wnat tomake everythign alittle more presentable..
Approcah tit hte same way we do the shop

obviosu cut pork chops and belly and somemroe creatiuve nad unsual hting SHow to poepel that ther’es mor to a pig

steak from sirloin. other cuts fomrhte leg. slice it thin and marinate it and call it str fry meat. We’ll do tings liek dispaly the rib tips yomight not see on other cite sb

ribs int he neck bones nad feat them up with herbs and put htem out wiht herbs. .

Offal. I don’t knwo what’s gonna be on there. IF so we’ll kind of kidneys wiht skewrs of bacon. At the restaurant But a grilled kebe on the menu bait pepel wiht prk tenderloin and force them to try kidney.

mainrtate kdineys in harissa nad put htem on little skewers wiht chunk fo bcaon and we sell tons of them.

Ther’es only butche rin each city HWen the whole Cochon 555 cut cshretsna the photos from each butcher.

About 150 sourcin thm locally in eahc city. Five heritage breed pigs in each Ossabaw. . . when I was there elast year I beta buncof farers i never heard fo before. guys who are real small production

Daniell and Chris. . .