• Courtesy of International Anthem’s Bandcamp
  • Alternate Moon Cycles on vinyl

Earlier this month, local progressive label International Anthem released its very first LP online and on vinyl: Alternate Moon Cycles by composer and cornetist Rob Mazurek. (The Reader‘s Peter Margasak wrote about the new label and album in October.) Comprising two slow, gentle instrumental tracks, the avant-garde record lets a bass and a pump organ orbit a single note on cornet, creating a hypnotizing atmosphere meant to correspond to the waxing of the moon. Mazurek and his label celebrate the release of Alternate Moon Cycles tomorrow with a show at the Chopin Theatre in Wicker Park, where he’ll play two sets.

For his first set, Mazurek will be joined by Matthew Lux (of Iron & Wine) and Mikel Patrick Avery on percussion and pump organ, respectively, while the second set will be a solo performance from the multi-instrumentalist. Dan Bitney of Tortoise opens the evening with a DJ set. The show begins at 8 PM, and tickets are $10.

Listen to the A side of Alternate Moon Cycles below.