Tomorrow I head to Park City, Utah for a few days. Most people might think the town is actually named Sundance, since the film festival happens there every year about this time. I’m not visiting in any official capacity, but since my girlfriend is working for the festival I thought it might be fun to take advantage of the free accommodations and film hook-up. I’ll actually be posting some observational commentary to On Film later in the week, but I never realized—though I suppose I should have—that the festival also features plenty of live music. A daily afternoon feature called Music on Main showcases a host of solo artists, some interesting (Ron Sexsmith, Chuck Prophet), most not. There’s also a big free outdoor concert on Thursday night with Of Montreal, Shiny Toy Guns,and West Indian Girl, but considering the forecast low is 18º I certainly won’t bother checking that one out.

Since I’ve never been to Sundance I can’t honestly say what kind of crowd it attracts, but I suspect that people with open ears aren’t among them–which means this is just another case of flinging something at a wall to see if it sticks. I guess there’s always the chance that some famous actor will accidentally stumble by and make a fuss if a certain acts appeals to him, or that the random film buff might have a musical epiphany while seeking respite from nonstop screenings, but it seems more likely that awful film-biz people will stop by the music venue—the Star Bar—and ignore the tunes while they chatter about nothing very interesting. I’ll report back with my results if I can stand to cross the threshold in the first place.